Celebrate Your Child's Birthday with Our Messy Play and Paint Party!

Are you ready to throw the most unforgettable birthday party for your child? Look no further than Jellybeanstreet's Messy Play and Paint Birthday Party! Our expert hosts will bring all the necessary art materials, including non-toxic and safe paints, to your home or venue of your choice, and guide your child and their friends through a variety of exciting and messy art activities, tailored to their age and interests.

Our Messy Play Activities

With our Messy Play and Paint Birthday Party, your child and their friends will have a blast creating beautiful and unique art while getting messy and creative. Our host will provide a range of fun and creative messy play activities, from salad spinners and water balloons to finger painting and more, to spark your child's imagination. Each activity will feature a variety of vibrant colors for your child to choose from, and all paints are non-toxic and safe for kids.

Our Messy Play and Paint Birthday Parties are perfect for children aged 2-9, and we also offer workshops for babies, so no matter your child's age, we've got you covered. Our hosts are experts at engaging children and keeping them entertained, so you can sit back and enjoy the party while your child has the time of their life.

Graphic Artwork Package

Looking to make your child's birthday even more extraordinary? Elevate their special day with our Personalized Graphic Artwork Package, transforming their imaginative creations into breathtaking modern masterpieces. After the birthday star and their playmates complete their creative adventure, our dedicated host will collect their artwork and whisk it away to our studio, where our artistic wizards will work their magic to create something truly special. Expect nothing less than breathtaking, one-of-a-kind modern keepsakes that you'll treasure for a lifetime! Once completed, our graphic artist will keep you in the loop and send you the digital previews to your inbox, so get ready to be wowed and cherish these precious memories forever.

At Jellybeanstreet, we provide two options for our Personalized Graphic Artwork Package that capture the magic of your child's birthday party.


Close your eyes for a moment and think about your child's infectious laugh, their wide-eyed wonder as they discover the world. How do you hold onto that forever? Our Birthday Masterpiece package invites you to a glimpse of eternity. Let your child's imagination run wild as they paint, splatter, and create.

After the workshop, our expert graphic artists take this raw inspiration and craft a series of captivating digital proofs—yours to review without any deposit.

Envision those proofs springing to life in vivid color on a high-quality canvas, hanging in your home, keeping the magic of your child's special day alive for years to come. The transformation from digital proof to canvas masterpiece starts at just $155, and trust us, every penny is an investment in a memory you'll cherish forever.

And here's a heart-melter: your child's art doesn't just brighten your home. It radiates goodness into the world as the design is resold to support children's charities. Your child becomes a little hero, making their big day even bigger. To embark on this magical journey, please inquire for details.


Imagine the sparkle in your child's eyes, multiplied by the number of their closest friends. This is the Friendship Masterpiece—a living canvas of collective joy. For a small $50 deposit, you set the stage for a masterpiece born from the laughter and love of childhood friendships.

Once the brushes are down and the giggles have been shared, we share with you digital proofs that blend the artistry of your child and their treasured friends into a tapestry of friendship and love. When you see it and feel a burst of love, knowing you need this art in your life, we honor your initial deposit by applying it towards your final canvas masterpiece.

Note: The initial digital proofs are a tempting preview of the real magic. To immortalize these friendships in full definition and vibrancy, our canvas options are standing by.

Each moment with your child is a brushstroke in the painting of life. Don't let those moments fade away; let us help you hold onto them. Reach out to us to make your child's birthday a masterpiece of memories.

Party Invitations

Get ready for the party of the year! We've got you covered with our super cool invites! Choose from our downloadable PDF invites or email invitations - both are totally free!

As Seen On

Our Messy Play and Paint Workshops has been featured on Interiors Addict, House & Garden Magazine, and CHANNEL 7 NEWS, and we had the privilege of leading a workshop for the young ones of Yummy Mummies, which was featured on Season 2, Episode 7.

Featured on interiors addict | to do kids | the choosy mommy | mamma knows east and more...

Happy parents can't stop raving about it

"Our Messy Play and Paint Birthday Party was a blast! Faye brought all the materials and activities to our backyard, and the kids had so much fun creating messy art together. We added the graphic artwork package, and now we have beautiful keepsakes of our daughter's birthday party. Highly recommend!"
- Sarah L.

"Kim is a fantastic host who really knows how to engage children and keep them entertained. My son and his friends had a blast at his messy play birthday party, and now we have beautiful artwork to display in our home. We will definitely book with Jellybeanstreet again for our daughters birthday!"
- Michael T.

"Don't hesitate to book a Messy Play and Paint Birthday Party with Jellybeanstreet! The activities are so much fun, and the kids love getting messy and creative. We added the graphic artwork, and it was totally worth it. Now we have beautiful artwork to display and support a great cause."
- Karen P.

With our Friendship Masterpiece service, the final design will be posted online for all parents to have the opportunity to purchase. Each time a parent buys the piece, a donation will be made to a children's charity of your choice. Not only will your child have a beautiful piece of artwork to cherish, but you'll also be contributing to a great cause and spreading joy to others. Elevate your child's birthday party to a whole new level with our Precious Prints Personalized Artwork Service, and make a difference in the lives of others.

At Jellybeanstreet, we strive to make your child's birthday party a memorable and stress-free experience. Please note that in some cases, additional costs such as transportation may apply. However, we are committed to being transparent about any additional fees and will work with you to find the best solution for your needs. Our goal is to ensure that you and your child have a wonderful time without any unexpected surprises.

So why wait? Book your child's next birthday party with Jellybeanstreet and create memories that will last a lifetime. And don't forget to add the Personalized Graphic Artwork Package for a truly unique and special keepsake. Contact us today to book your party!

Artwork Created From Our Workshops

Child's Artwork Thumbnail

"The end result of the workshop was simply stunning. Our daughter's artwork was transformed into a piece of art that we will cherish forever."
- Nancy C.

Child's Artwork Thumbnail

"It's amazing to see how the graphic artists brought our child's creation to life in such a beautiful and unique way."
- Kathy S.

Child's Artwork Thumbnail

"Our son was so proud to see his artwork on display and even more proud knowing that it was supporting a great cause."
- Michelle M.
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Seize the chance to make your child's birthday extraordinary with a palette of fun and a canvas of excitement. Contact us today and let's start orchestrating a delightful, messy play experience they'll never forget. Our team is thrilled to assist in creating a day filled with artistic exploration and laughter. Email us now – your child's spectacularly messy and memorable paint party is just an email away!

31 reviews


My daughter loves paint and getting to do so many styles I was thinking how is this going to look so great? Well OMG the prints were so good, we choose the field of flowers which had some meaning to us. We hope someone else will like it too. We even had to save them to get some cushions too.



My littles and I had a blast at this activity. Not only was it well planned out and fun, Kim made us feel so welcomed. We can’t wait to see the artwork!



We invited Jellybean St to run a session for the littles in our Mothers Group and it was simply brilliant! Damien did a fabulous job wrangling a bunch of excitable 2.5yos and helped them to create some really fun and interesting pieces. Not only that, he brought absolutely everything we needed along with him: tiny tables and chairs, tarps, smocks, all the paint and painting utensils you could dream of, the drying rack etc etc AND packed it all down again at the end in a jiffy. The kids and parents all had a blast and I cannot wait to see what the final designs look like. Couldn't recommend Jellybean St more highly and hope to create again with them soon.



My son really enjoyed the workshop session as he was able to make a number of art pieces. The designs that have been put together by the designers are wonderful. I am thrilled at the ability to have one-of-a-kind artworks in my home. I plan to take my younger son to the workshop so that he is able to design his own artwork too.



Taking my three kids to Jellybeanstreet was an unforgettable experience. The host was incredibly patient and helped orchestrate a session where all three could contribute to a single piece of art. Watching them collaborate and express their individuality, yet coming together on a combined design, was truly special. The artwork now hangs proudly in our home, a beautiful symbol of their bond. Can’t recommend this experience enough for families looking to create lasting memories.



An incredible hour filled with creativity and fun. It’s amazing how much joy and excitement can be packed into such a vibrant workshop. The kids absolutely loved the experience, and the artwork turned out stunning. A truly wonderful way to create lasting memories!



This was our second time attending, and it was just as magical. The kids dove right into the creativity and the final pieces are always a surprise.



The quality of the final artwork is unbelievable. It captures my child’s spirit perfectly. What a fantastic way to preserve memories.



Took my niece here and she had a blast. It’s great how kids can be messy and creative, and then you get a lovely piece of art to remember the day by.



Brilliant concept and execution. The workshop was fun and the staff was amazing with the kids. The artwork we received is something we’ll treasure forever.



I never thought our messy play could be turned into such beautiful art. The entire process from the workshop to receiving our artwork was smooth and enjoyable.



A truly awesome way to support children’s charities while supporting creativity in kids. Our family loved the experience and the final artwork is stunning.



The workshop exceeded our expectations. My kids were fully engaged and the host was incredibly supportive. Seeing their confidence grow as they painted was wonderful.



What a delightful day! My daughter’s artwork turned into a masterpiece is now the centerpiece of our living room. The joy in her eyes seeing her creation is priceless. Highly recommend.



Attending the workshop with my two sons was an adventure. Can’t thank you enough for this precious memory.



What a great activity to do together. The workshop was relaxed and fun. How to use the tools was modelled and shown by Mel, our host, but when the kids wanted to do something differently or go back to a previous tool, they could do this. It was very much paced in a way to keep kids engaged and exploring their creativity. I'm looking forward to seeing the beautiful artworks transformed into a keepsake for us. Thank you!



Our son was so proud to see his artwork on display and even more proud knowing that it was supporting a great cause.



It's amazing to see how the graphic artists brought our child's creation to life in such a beautiful and unique way.



The end result of the workshop was simply stunning. Our daughter's artwork was transformed into a piece of art that we will cherish forever.



We approached the guys from Jellybeanstreet to help us out with a print for a fundraiser event we were holding. They jumped at the opportunity, provided us with some great ideas and a fun filled workshop for our daughter Mia. The team are so passionate about their work it definately shines through when they are with the kids, even more so when the prints sell and the funds go through to our nominated charities.



Received the artwork today, stunning! I am obsessed - need one in every room! Now for my next piece - hopefully I don't get in to trouble with hubby for ordering more haha... I'll have to do another session with her when she gets older so we can get more art for the house!



This was such a fun experienc for the kids and mostly my husband! Creating an artwork for Father's Day! Can't wait to see the final piece. Great location, worth the drive.



Thank you so much for our workshop on Tuesday, my kids loved it!! Poppy now wants to be an art teacher.



This is genius! I took my daughter and niece to a workshop and it was excellent. I also love that they will have their own artwork on their bedroom wall (in the colors that I chose for their room!)



Absolutely awesome fun. Kids had a blast even after the day had finished, they got to check out their artwork and pick up the final designs. The host is awesome and I really can't recommend enough.



Thank you for creating a wonderful experience for my kids to share together. I can't wait to see the finished artwork.



Thank you for such a wonderful workshop! Tess and her friends had such a wonderful time and she hasn't stopped talking about it all afternoon xx



Such a brilliant idea, the kids have so much fun and you gain a professional piece of art that you can display for a lifetime.



What a fantastic and meaningful art experience! My daughter and I truly loved it. From the teachers and activities at the workshop, the concept of jellybean street itself, to the absolute wonderful customer service and support received by Marisa afterward in developing our special piece. I can’t wait to surprise my partner. Would I recommend it... without a doubt!



My son was 1 when we completed the workshop. They were so patient and helpful. The artwork that we are receiving is just incredible. The communication and customer service was fantastic and really helped us to decide on the best design. They went above and beyond to make sure we have the perfect artwork for our house. We cannot wait to receive the final product!



I heard about Jellybeanstreet before I had my daughter and knew I wanted to do it when I had my own kids. I took Harper a week before her 3rd birthday and it was such a fun and memorable experience to do and now we will have a beautiful artwork for our wall to cherish forever. Can’t wait to be able to put it on our wall. Love it

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